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Autour du 1er mai created 5 years ago the data base Cinema and Society (www.autourdu1ermai.fr) : a data base on films concerning society and its interrogations, allowing different institutions (associations, unions, amateur cineastes, institutions, media libraries, festival programmers, …) to locate those films, to know where to screen them, to program them and to find the rightholders.

We focus on films dealing with social issues, and we often make some filmographies related with our associative partnerships (for instance, we made a filmography about transnational corporations, and another one about civil society in Africa).

Therefore, we are particularly attentive to events in the Arab world, and want to be able to relay the existence of movies which testify people’s uprisings, no matter the type (documentary, interviews,…). We can also talk about projects in progress, on our blog « Partager le cinéma » (http://partager.autourdu1ermai.fr/)

If you are a film director, or if you have heard about movies or projects about the Arab world, we look forward to hearing from you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me : stephanie.legrand@autourdu1ermai.fr

If you want to inform us about a movie, you can complete this document, and send it to stephanie.legrand(@)autourdu1ermai.fr : Movie_about_Arab_world.doc